Your personal DNA profile report is based on your individual and unique DNA. Using the latest discoveries in genetic research, we can analyze how your genes impact your health and wellness. More importantly, we highlight the steps you can take to achieve to maintain optimal health, by taking advantage of your genetic strengths and countering
your genetic weaknesses.

Your DNA profile report details the findings of an analysis of 48 pairs of your genetic material. We look for
single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs – variations in DNA protein base pairs).

Then we build a personal recommendation that include and clear understanding of:

Your General Obesity Index
Your Food Choices
Your Exercise and Activity
Your Health
Your Behavior
Specific Nutritional Supplements that will support your health

The first section of your report shows your overall score on a “general obesity index.” This score evaluates 22 SNPs that have been studied and shown to be related to a genetic risk of obesity.

Each green (positive) or red (negative) bar shows a SNP and how it relates to your personal risk of obesity.
These findings are weighted and calculated to give you an overall score. With this personalized information you have all you need to maintain your weight at healthy levels!

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