Burn Excess Fat

The human body consists three types of fat:

  1. Good Fat: Visceral fat protects organs and arteries, keeps skin smooth and provides support cushioning where needed under bones.
  2. Essential fat: This type of fat serves as a reserve energy source. Essential fat helps maintain body temperature and is available for the essential energy needed in times of stress.
  3. Non-Essential Fat: Abnormal accumulations of fat are non-essential and tend to build up into those unsightly muffin-tops, love handles and beer bellies. Once this fat starts to build up in the body, it is very difficult to take off since the body will burn this source of fat last, after the normal reserve fats are exhausted.

Without resetting your body's ability to burn non-essential fat, it is common to hear this complaint:

"I lost 20 pounds but I still have belly fat."

Many people have tried low calorie diets to lose excess, abnormal fat, only to be left feeling tired, weak and having sagging, unhealthy looking skin.

With the Evolution Weight Loss plan, we retrain your body to burn its non-essential fat FIRST!

On our plan, you will have energy and look and feel great.

You’ll use homeopathic supplements as a key to unlock the
abnormal fat and burn it, keeping the visceral fat and the normal
reserves of fat.

You skin will tighten up and you will lose inches from everywhere!

Your progress is closely monitored throughout the process to make
sure you burn abnormal fat, stay energetic and maintain health. Close
monitoring of the plan means that it will be adjusted to fit your needs
and help you get maximum results.

**These statements are based upon traditional
homeopathic practices. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug

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